Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 19 - Thank Yous

For some reason I decided to go back and re-read some of my blog entries today. Not because I amuse myself (although I still laugh thinking about the skinny jeans) but because I wanted to track my progress. I was overwhelmed by the realization that every concern or circumstance causing me stress had been so graciously taken care of by God. Now, I know there are people that believe in coincidence, but I just don't. I believe in a God that knows us intimately and cares about all the little details of our life, and He lavishes us with His love. God is so faithful.

On Saturday I ran a 5k in some pretty cold temperatures with the wind in my face most of the time. (I also had to run uphill in the snow - both ways!) I'm still trying to shake a bad chest cold that has been hanging on for quite some time now, so I was fairly uncomfortable most of the race. When I rounded the last corner toward the finish line, I was sure we still had a mile to go. I had been so busy being miserable that I had totally lost track of the course and how far I'd come!

Today when I was reading through my blog I realized that sometimes I get so busy that I forget to thank God for how far He's brought me. I don't have any profound thoughts today - just a thankful heart for a God that knows me and loves me anyway. It's easy to get stuck being overwhelmed by circumstances. Ask God to remind you today how much He has done for you. He gave up His son for us. Aren't you thankful? I am. :-)

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