Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Spirit is Willing - The Flesh is Pitifully WEAK!

It happened already. I almost caved.

It is SO much easier to make commitments than it is to keep them! This morning, I got an email listing items for sale at the aforementioned store I seem to want everything from (my husband says I should quit giving them free advertising, hence the generic reference). I was trying to think of EVERY SINGLE POSSIBLE excuse for why I should get to buy something, such as: "I could buy it for my birthday and just leave it in the bag until then" or "My business had a great month - it could be like a self-issued bonus!". I even tried to get my best friend and my husband to give me an excuse to be off the hook. I'm so thankful for friends and a husband that are here to remind me why I made the commitment in the first place.

Recently, a woman who is a mentor in my life, sent me this email in regards to the choices I make:

"We can't change anything about the past, but the daily choices we make and habits we form greatly influence our future and that's what we have the ability to control. Pressing heavenward in Christ is where our focus should lie, and any time you start to feel distracted from that goal, try to stop at the soonest chance to get alone with the Lord and the Bible and ask Him to help you listen to what He is telling you."

Those words have been echoing in my mind all week - try to stop at the soonest chance to get alone with the Lord & ask for HELP!

I came running home from my morning meetings to sit alone at my desk and listen to this song:

It's still a process. I'm learning. :-)

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  1. I found you looking through search strings to my blog and have enjoyed what I've read. A woman willing to admit she's chasing after God, not there yet. A fashionista of work out clothes, and a runner. We are already "soul" sisters.